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Kubbeden İstanbul Manzarası

Visit Ertugrul & Osman Studio

Kurtuluş Osman / Ertugrul Gazi TV series studio site visit.

Kurtulus Osman / Ertugrul Gazi TV series shooting site visit

BOZDAG Film Studio and Plateau.

Optional Tour can be combined with all the tours-One full day:

Visit recently opened BOZDAĞ Film Studio and Plateau  in Riva, Beykoz, a district of Istanbul , about hours’ drive from Taksim, Istanbul, to see the sets of the world-famous TV series Diriliş Ertugrul and Kurtuluş Osman. Bozdağ Film Studios is the largest studio in Europe and the third largest in the world. You can buy traditional Turkish clothes and other items at the souvenir shop. The venue also features a restaurant and café.

This will provide you with the opportunity to experience the fascinating heritage, history, and culture of the early Ottomans. From time to time, you may have the opportunity to meet the actors of these popular series. You will have the opportunity to see the historic buildings built specifically designed and built for the filming of the TV series, this allow the fans to see the set environment and to take  them on a memorial historical journey. The studio includes locations and venues such as İnegöl Castle, Ürgenç Bazaar, Marmaracık Castle, Yenişehir Bazaar, Kulucahisar Castle, Harzemşah Palace, Söğüt and Kayi Tribe sections.

Opened in July 2023,  this studio has become a very popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world.

To summarize you can spend the day indulging in the following activities:

Photography: Retain the memories of your visit and unique experience including in traditional Turkish dresses and swords. Etc.

Horse Riding: Take a horse/pony ride for children to get the early Ottomans experience.

Museum: Visit the museum, where you will see the history of Bozdağ Films, Sets, the projects, the emergence of our world-famous TV series, and even the scenarios and costumes used in these series.

Archery: This will give you an opportunity to show your ability to hit the targets with bow and arrows.

Games: Enter the competition to reach the target and get the gifts. This is open for both adults and kids.

Live Performance: Witness epic live scenes from the TV series.

Children’s Park: A safe area for children to enjoy the activities during their stay.

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