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Turkey Holidays

With its rich history, civilization, architecture, culture, and gastronomy spreading over centuries from the times of Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottoman Empires, Turkiye offers a truly unique experience for visitors.

Its geographical diversity, with its unique location straddling between Asia and Europe, offers a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. The landscape ranges from Mediterranean coast beaches to snow-capped mountains and bustling city life.

Turkey is bordered by eight countries, including Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and is surrounded by three seas: the Black Sea, Aegean, and Mediterranean.

The tourist trend shows visitors flocking to the historical city of Istanbul (Constantinople), which boasts iconic landmarks like Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi palace, and Dolmabahce Palace, as well as the Grand Bazaar. Other popular locations for visitors include Cappadocia for hot air balloon rides and underground cities, travertines and hot water pools in Pamukkale, Mediterranean beaches, and nightlife in the cities of Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, and Alanya, and the natural beauty of the Black Sea mountains in the cities of Trabzon and Rize.

Turkey is the destination of choice for tourism, with about 51 million tourists visiting the country in 2022, and it is expected that this number will increase to 60 million visitors.

Visit Turkey with Mavi Tours

Rich and Energizing, Turkey is a place where local knowledge and experience are of paramount importance. With our help and assistance, enjoy an easy, stress-free, and exciting Turkish tour. Travel to Turkey for a vacation and create memorable experiences with Mavi Tours from the time of your arrival to departure. We strive to provide expert advice, budgeting, tailor-made tour packages, custom-designed itineraries, and on-the-ground support according to the needs of our customers, bringing in the best Turkey has to offer.

With offices in both the US and Turkey, Mavi Tours stands out as one of the leading tourism companies, specializing in Turkey-specific tours. We aim to provide an impeccable level of service from the time of your arrival to your departure.

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