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Travel to Turkey!
A land of Dreams...

   It's time to hit the road.   

Ayasofya'yı Seyreden Turist


Mavi Tours offers a unique and exceptional travel experience in collaboration with our business partners and ground staff. We are aiming to showcase the passion and pride of the country through Mavi Tours. 


We strive to provide an impeccable level of service from the time of your arrival  to your departure. Our help desk on ground speaks English, Turkish, Hindi and Urdu from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Visit Turkey with Mavi Tours

With over three decades of experience in the travel and tourism industry, Mavi Tours, in collaboration with our service providers are one of the leading specialists to provide Turkey specific tours, with offices in USA and Turkey.

Travel more, worry less with our group tours

Hierapolis Antik Kenti

Discover the 7 Churches of Revelations

Vaftiz Mozaiği

Custom design a unique private tour

Kapadokya Balonları

Discover the gems of Turkiye with us

Boğaz Manzarası

Discover Turkey with Holiday Tours

Celcus Kütüphanesi

Experience the magic of Turkey, from East to West.

Turkey for Vacation

Rich and energizing, Turkiye is a place where local knowledge and experience are of paramount importance. With our help and assistance, enjoy an easy, stress-free, and exciting Turikye tour. Travel to Turkey for a vacation and a memorable experience with Mavi Tours. With our office in the USA and business partners in Turkey, we strive to provide expert advice, Turkey tour packages, custom-made itineraries, and on-the-ground support according to the needs of our customers, bringing in the best Turkey can offer.

Interesting fact; Turkiye is the destination of choice for medical treatments with over 1.3 million international patients visiting in 2022 generating more than $ 2 billion in revenue?

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